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The post of first Superintendent of Police in the erstwhile Travancore State was created in 1881. Sir. Cliver. H. Benseley was the first Superintendent of Police. The entire Travancore Police was headed by the Superintendent of Police. In 1919 the post of Commissioner of Police, Travancore State was formed and Travancore State was divided into three Police districts namely Trivandrum, Quilon and Alleppey each under a Superintendent of Police. The Commissioner of Police was the Head of the Travancore State Police Force till 1938.
In 1938 the post of Inspector General of Police as the head of the Travancore State Police Force was created. Sri. Khan Abdul Kharim Khan Suharawarthy was appointed as the first Inspector General of Police.The post of Commissioner of Police was redesignated as the head of Trivandrum District Police and other two Police Districts were headed by Superintendents of Police.

At the time of the formation of Kerala State on 1st November 1956 Travancore was divided into four districts viz. Trivandrum, Quilon, Alleppey and Kottayam. Sri. Bhaskara Marar IPS was the Superintendent of Police, Trivandrum District and Commissioner of Police, Trivandrum City from 01.11.1956 to 14.01.1957.
The area comprising the city of Trivandrum within the Revenue District of Trivandrum was constituted as a separate Police District under the Commissioner of Police vide G.O.(MS)No.570/Home/dated 07.11.1962. 
Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of the state of Kerala in Indian Union. It was the seat of former princely state of Travancore. Thiruvananthapuram City has its boundary with Thiruvananthapuram Rural District Police on all three sides and the Arabian Sea on the Western Side. City Police has got a good length of coastal line extending from Adimalathura to Pallithura. The internationally famous KOVALAM beach is situated in Thiruvananthapuram city police limit. 
City Police, Thiruvananthapuram does the overall Policing in the capital city. The Commissioner of Police heads City Police. It strives to provide excellent service to the general public. City Police encourages community participation in crime prevention. City Police Thiruvananthapuram was awarded best Police unit Award in the year 1993 and 1998. City Police consists of following units :

Law and order unit
This unit consists of three police subdivisions, ten circles and twenty three police stations headed by Dy Commissioner of Police Law & Order. This unit is mainly responsible for law and order maintenance as well as prevention and detection of crimes.
Traffic unit
This unit consists of two subdivisions. This unit is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of traffic.
Control Room
This unit is the nerve center of City Police and conducts round the clock patrolling through the mobiles attached to it.
District Armed Reserve

This is the reserve force of Thiruvananthapuram City Police to assist the Local Police.
Narcotics cell
This unit is responsible for the controlling of narcotics and drugs.
Crime Detachment
This unit conducts investigation of special cases.
City Special Branch
This unit provides intelligence inputs to City Police.
 Dog Squad
 This unit is responsible for the training of police dogs and their fitness.
 Mounted Police
 This unit is responsible for the training of horses and their fitness.
 District Crime Records Bureau
 This unit keeps the records of all criminals.
 Foreigners Registration Office
 This unit is responsible for keeping records on foreigners.
 Tourist Police
 Provides help to the tourists visiting this place.
 Women Police / Vanitha Cell
 Provides help to City Police in law and order and crime prevention and detection.

 Cyber Crime Enquiry Cell
 This unit conducts investigation of Cyber Crimes.

 The policing in the capital city is quite critical as any incident in this place has ramification all over the state and any incident in any part of the state will have a reflection here. City Police strives to provide excellent service to the general public.
 Tourist Police
Tourist police wing was created in the year 1997 with the aim to provide help to the tourists visiting the tourist spots particularly the foreign tourists visiting this city. The objectives of the tourist police are

  • To provide information about places of importance in Thiruvananthapuram and adjoining area to the tourists.
  • To provide details about accommodation facilities available in Thiruvananthapuram.
  • To provide the details of distance, fare and conveyance facilities to the tourists.
  • To maintain law and order at tourist spots.
  • To provide assistance to the tourists in case of emergency.

These Police personnel have been trained specially to meet the above objectives. At present you can see tourist police personnel at Kovalam Beach, Central Railway Station Trivandrum, International Airport Trivandrum , Veli Tourist Village and Akkulam Tourist Centre. Tourists visiting these areas may seek the help of these police personnel.

The Trivandrum City Police started functioning on 01.01.1956. The first Commissioner of Police was Bhaskara Marar IPS who held charge from 1/1/1956 to 14/1/1957. Since then, the office of the Commissioner changed hands through the following officers for the period noted against them:
Sl No Name From To

Superintendent of Police, Trivandrum District

1 Bhaskara Marar IPS 01/01/1956 14/01/1957
2 Ananthasankara Iyer IPS 14/01/1957 11/03/1958
3 T.Paul IPS 11/03/1958 28/12/1958
4 M. Krishna Pillai IPS 28/12/1958 18/05/1959
5 V.P. Nair IPS (Addl. Charge) 21/05/1959 12/06/1959
6 T.K. Bhaskara Marar IPS 12/06/1959 24/03/1960
7 Sethumadhava Menon IPS 24/03/1960 04/07/1960
8 P. Vijayan IPS 04/07/1960 15/11/1962

Commissioners of Police, Tvm City

1 Symon T. Manjooran IPS 15/11/1962 14/05/1964
2 Srinivasa Rao IPS 16/05/1964 21/04/1965
3 T. Ananthasankara Iyer IPS 21/04/1965 22/06/1965
4 K. Sethumadhavamenon IPS 22/06/1965 02/03/1966
5 Symon T. Manjooran IPS 02/03/1966 22/06/1967
6 K. Sethumadhavamenon IPS 22/06/1967 12/07/1967
7 R. J. Padikkal IPS 12/07/1967 09/10/1967
8 P.K. Mohammad Hasan 09/10/1967 18/02/1969
9 V. Krishnamoorthy IPS 18/02/1969 03/07/1970
10 C. Subramaniam IPS 03/07/1970 01/12/1973
11 P.R. Chandran IPS 01/12/1973 13/02/1975
12 N. Krishnan Nair IPS 17/02/1975 26/06/1976
13 P.K. Hormis Tharakan IPS 26/06/1976 04/09/1976
14 V.Joseph Thomas IPS 04/09/1976 17/05/1977
15 B.S Sasthry IPS 17/05/1977 07/11/1977
16 M.G.A Ramen IPS (Addl. Charge) 07/11/1977 01/12/1977
17 Tapeshwar Sharma IPS 01/12/1977 13/02/1978
18 S.R.K. Menon 13/02/1978 26/05/1978
19 T.S. Viswanatha Pillai IPS 26/05/1978 05/01/1979
20 U.P.R Menon 21/01/1979 06/04/1979
21 R.P.C. Nair IPS 04/06/1979 12/05/1980
22 M.G.A Ramen IPS 12/05/1980 25/05/1981
23 R.K. Medhekar IPS 25/05/1981 30/01/1983
24 Alphones Louis Erayil IPS 30/01/1983 11/11/1983
25 K. Lakshmana IPS 11/11/1983 13/12/1985
26 K.G. Premshankar IPS 26/12/1985 04/06/1986
27 Raman Srivastava IPS 04/06/1986 01/09/1986

DIG & Commissioners of Police, Tvm City

1 Raman Srivastava IPS 01/09/1986 30/04/1987
2 T.P. Gopinathan IPS 30/04/1987 23/11/1988
3 Jacob Punnoose IPS 12/12/1988 09/08/1989
4 R.P.C. Nair IPS 12/08/1989 01/10/1989
5 Raman Srivastava IPS 01/10/1989 30/06/1990
6 K.P. Somarajan IPS 01/07/1990 21/07/1991
7 Siby Mathews IPS 21/07/1991 04/12/1991
8 P. Sasidharan IPS 17/12/1991 14/05/1992
9 K. S. Balasubramanian IPS 14/05/1992 22/09/1992
10 V.R. Rajiven IPS 22/09/1992 25/06/1995
11 G. Surendran IPS 25/06/1995 18/10/1996
12 Maheshkumar Singla IPS 18/10/1996 08/10/1997

Commissioners of Police, Tvm City( Supt. of Police)

1 Arunkumar Sinha IPS 09/10/1997 19/04/2000
2 K. Padmakumar IPS 19/04/2000 15/06/2001
3 Rajan Singh IPS 15/06/2001 19/06/2004
4 Balram Kumar Upadhyay IPS 19/06/2004 18/08/2005
5 Manoj Abraham IPS 18/08/2005 16/11/2006

DIG & Commissioners of Police, Tvm City

1 K. Padmakumar IPS 21/11/2006 28/06/2007
2 Ravada.A Chandrasekhar IPS 28/06/2007 04/05/2009
3 S. Gopinath IPS 04/05/2009 25/05/2009
4 M.R. Ajithkumar IPS 25/05/2009 01/03/2011
5 Manoj Abraham IPS 01/03/2011 07/01/2012
6 T.J.Jose IPS 09/01/2012 01/01/2013
7 P.VIJAYAN IPS 01/01/2013 17/02/2014
8 H.VENKATESH IPS 17/02/2014 31/12/2015
9 G.SPARJAN KUMAR IPS 01/01/2016